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Stóri-Kálfalækur is a family-run farm located on the eastern edge of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It is situated in rich farmland close to the ocean and the wonderful beaches of the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

In times where we do not run riding tours it is possible to book a room. Either for just one person or also for groups.

We do have

  • 8 rooms (2-4 bedded)

  • a total of 20 beds

  • 5 showers

  • 5 toilets

  • big living room

  • fully equipped kitchen

  • outdoor jacuzzi (not always in use)


Please be advised that we make every effort to attend to your request and get back to your query as quickly as possible. However, since we are a working farm which has very busy periods there may be times when we are not online every day.

We thank you for your understanding and patience

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