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How to dress for a riding tour in Iceland

While the Icelandic weather is arguably one of the most unpredictable things you may have come across, we do in fact enjoy sunny days in the summer, too. However, chances are that you will encounter a certain amount of rain, wind, or a combination of the two when riding through the Icelandic countryside. Plus, summer temperatures in Iceland usually do not compare to those in Mallorca or even places like Germany or Britain – although 20°C can indeed feel like a real heat wave. It is therefore essential to know how to dress for long days in the saddle in all weathers.

As is often the case, nature is the best expert to ask for advice in this matter. If you have ever asked yourself why the Icelandic sheep happily walk along the roads in sunshine, rain and storm, there is a very simple answer: wool! There is simply no better material to keep you warm and provide a comfortable body climate when braving the elements. Dressing in layers that you can take off in case it gets too warm and bringing an extra layer in your saddle bag (usually rain gear) is a great concept. To ensure you stay warm even in very wet conditions, a base layer of long merino wool underwear plus woollen socks in your boots or shoes is your best option. Even if your gear should fail at keeping out the rain, the woollen clothes will make sure you are still feeling warm even at the end of a long riding day. There are numerous useful accessories made from (merino) wool these days – thermal underwear, headscarves, socks, gloves… the list is endless. A woollen sweater to wear under your coat is also a great investment when riding in the great outdoors. Combining woollen materials with synthetic sport clothes will also guarantee that everything you want to wear is dry the next morning. Cotton clothes, on the other hand, will leave you feeling damp and cold and are not recommended for outdoor activities.

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