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New lives

There is something going on at many farms around the country at this time of year. Horses have much more leisure time and are playing in the pastures. If you send an email you might wait weeks for an answer. If you call you will probably receive an: “It’s a really bad moment, I’ll call you back” – and you need to know, Icelanders usually always have time for a chat on the phone! You can see people coming from and going to the stables 24 hours a day – in shifts, sometimes with blankets and black coffee in their hands. But as suspicious as it might appear, if you follow somebody you won’t find a forbidden distillery of spirits but find yourself in the middle of a noisy concert of määähh, mööööh, määäähh.

Lambing season!

Within the next weeks hundreds of sheep will give birth to their lambs. The farmers are with them. They wait and watch and help wherever, whenever and with whatever is needed.

After a short while all those cute little lambs are jumping and running in the fields around the farms – also at Stóri-Kálfalaekur. And as soon as they are strong enough and temperatures allow it, Bogi will bring them to a mountain valley nearb,y where they spend the summer in the wilderness. So the next time you are riding in Hítardalur, have a look to the right and to the left and up to the mountains. Maybe you see a lamb jumping around…

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